Today is Saturday, 25th October 2014
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Season 25, Episode 5

This reality television game show pits 11 teams against each other in a worldwide, 30 to 40-day journey through diverse cities and countries spanning the globe. The first team to reach the final destination will be rewarded with $1 million.

Release Name: Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen 1981 1080P BLURAY X264-AMBASSADOR
Links: IMDB -ScreenshotsNFO
Genre: Comedy, Mystery
Director: Clive Donner
Writer: Jerry Sherlock, Stan Burns
Cast: Peter Ustinov, Lee Grant, Angie Dickinson, Richard Hatch, Brian Keith, Roddy McDowall, Rachel Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Paul Ryan, Johnny Sekka, Bennett Ohta, David Hirokane, Karlene Crockett, Michael Fairman, James Ray
Runtime: 1h 35mn
Resolution: 1 920 pixels x 1 040 pixels
Video: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 11.6 Mbps
Size: 8.74GB

Famous detective Charlie Chan is called out of retirement to help a San Francisco detective solve a mysterious series of murders. With his bumbling grandson as his sidekick, Chan also …

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Season 5, Episode 16

“Ridiculousness” features Rob Dyrdek’s unique take on some of today’s funniest amateur viral videos and builds them into episodes of edgy, funny and timeless television. Each episode features Rob’s unique style and infectious energy as he breaks down amusing web clips by putting them in segments such as “Redneck Good Times,” “Worst Case Scenario,” “Ridiculousness in Training,” “Pogo Stuck,” “Hot Mess,” “What Happened Last Night,” and many more. Featuring commentary from co-hosts Sterling “Steelo” Brim, Chanel “West Coast” (the rapping receptionist from “Fantasy Factory”) and complete with a studio audience, the series will also include appearances by some of Rob’s closest friends. It’s sure to be a ridiculous season!