Today is Monday, 20th October 2014
Release Name: Alpha House 2014 1080p BluRay x264-STRATOS
Genre: Comedy
Director: Jacob Cooney
Writer: Jacob Cooney, Brandon Trenz
Cast: Julien Bensimhon, Heather Paige Cohn, Chris O’Brien, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, D.C. Douglas, Sam Aotaki, Anna Beletzki, Eli Bildner, Michael Lewis Foster, Audrey Ellis Fox, Janna VanHeertum, Jacquelina Cardinale, Melvin Gregg, Nina Kate, Jon Kondelik
Runtime: 1h 28mn
Resolution: 1 920 pixels x 1 080 pixels
Video: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 9 094 Kbps
Size: 6.56GB

When two freshmen pledges are accepted into the biggest party frat on campus (ALPHA HOUSE), they think they have it all. That is, until the assistant dean forces the Alphas to share their …


Season 1, Episode 2

This six-part series tells the story of the birth and flourishing of civilisation in the Middle East and its huge influence on the West.

From the foundation of science, monotheism, commerce, justice, civil rights and artistic expression – look Eastward.

The series contends that history that starts from an ancient Greek perspective distorts the true path of civilisation. For crucial phases in world history, the political, economic and cultural centre was the Middle East.


Season 1, Episode 1

Near-death experiences may be the closest we ever come to knowing what exists on the “other side.” Many of those who have seen the proverbial white light say they returned to life with a sudden sensitivity to the spirit world, and it’s believed that people who are sensitive enough can glimpse through and even enter places – portals – that bridge our realm with the hereafter. In the all-new series GHOST STALKERS, produced exclusively for Destination America by Ghost Adventures’ Nick Groff, two men who crossed over investigate the afterlife that they encountered for a brief, eye-opening moment by exploring American locations that are rumored to house doorways to another dimension.