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Season 2

The series follows 14-year-old Emma Alonso, as she moves to Miami and her life turns upside-down. Not only does she discover that she is a witch, she also has a crush on the boy next door, Daniel. But Daniel’s ex-girlfriend Maddie, who is an ‘evil witch’ and leader of the school clique the ‘Panthers’, is still willing to fight for the boy she loves.

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Season 14, Episode 11

Release Name: Howling V The Rebirth 1989 1080p BluRay x264-SADPANDA
Genre: Horror
Director: Neal Sundstrom
Writer: Gary Brandner, Freddie Rowe
Cast: Philip Davis, Victoria Catlin, Elizabeth Shé, Ben Cole, William Shockley, Mark Sivertsen, Stephanie Faulkner, Mary Stavin, Clive Turner, Nigel Triffitt, Jill Pearson, József Madaras, Renáta Szatler
Runtime: 1h 36mn
Size: 6.56GB

When a group of people from different walks of life converge in a Hungarian castle situated in Budapest which has been sealed for 500 years, they bring with them a werewolf which slowly …