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Release Name: Kristy 2014 1080p BluRay x264-MELiTE
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Director: Oliver Blackburn
Writer: Anthony Jaswinski
Cast: Ashley Greene, Lucas Till, Haley Bennett, James Ransone, Chris Coy, Mathew St. Patrick, John L. Armijo, Corrina Roshea, Chelsea Bruland, Wayne Pére, David Jensen, Jaylen Moore, Al Vicente, James Rawlings, Jon Arthur
Runtime: 1h 25mn
Size: 5.46GB

When a college girl who is alone on campus over the Thanksgiving break is targeted by a group of outcasts, she must conquer her deepest fears to outwit them and fight back.

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Season 2, Episode 9

Scottish “beer evangelists” James Watt and Martin Dickie travel across America with a vital mission: to prove that the drink of the masses doesn’t need to taste mass-produced. In each episode of the hour-long series, James and Martin, who own the UK’s fastest-growing brewery, visit a different American beer town, celebrate distinctive craft beers and create their own locally-inspired draft.

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Season 12, Episode 14

The show’s premise follows seven women with a number of personal, behavioral, and psychological problems – deemed “bad girls” – as they live together for four months.