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Season 2, Episode 3

It’s amazing the things that you can inherit from your family gene pool: blue eyes, a beautiful smile, a winning personality. But what about your family’s less desirable traits? A grandfather’s talent for swindling, an aunt’s knack for aggravated assault or even a father’s flair for murder…. can you actually inherit evil from your family tree? Evil Kin begs this question as well as whether psychopathic behavior is pre-programmed. From siblings who conspire to kill their parents, to three brothers who grow up independently to become a serial killer, a rapist and a mercenary, Evil Kin follows true-crime mysteries surrounding bone-chilling cases that prove blood is always thicker than water.

Release Name: The Extendables 2014 HDRip XviD-AQOS
Links: IMDB -ScreenshotsNFO
Genre: Comedy
Director: Brian Thompson
Writer: Brian Thompson
Cast: Brian Thompson, Mark Dacascos, Marisa Ramirez, Ian Patrick Williams, Lee Garlington, Carl Ciarfalio, Gary Graham, Lorielle New, Adam J. Smith, Leslie Garza, Craig Kilborn, Patrick Warburton, Chuck Abernathy, Noel Britton, Raquel Brussolo
Runtime: 1h 25mn
Resolution: 720 pixels x 400 pixels
Video: XVID | 1 033 Kbps
Audio: MP3 | 103 Kbps
Size: 705.47MB

A struggling and publicly disgraced Hollywood icon gets another shot at mega stardom when he is hired to star and direct an action movie in Uzbekistan.

Release Name: Hercules Reborn 2014 720p BluRay X264-iNVANDRAREN
Genre: Action, Adventure
Director: Nick Lyon
Writer: Jim Hemphill, Jose Montesinos
Cast: John Hennigan, Christian Oliver, Marcus Shirock, James Duval, Dylan Vox, Christina Ulfsparre, Alistair A. Duff, Foued Mansour, Jeremy M. Inman, Jennifer Marie Paul, Ben Chagra Khalid, Aurelie Armelle Simone Chatellier, Rim Touassi, Yassine Amer, Youness Lahlafi
Runtime: 1h 34mn
Size: 4.37GB

When a young man’s bride is kidnapped by an evil king, he turns to Hercules for help. The fallen hero has been living in exile, banished for killing his family, but the young man’s courage …