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Release Name: Evil Feed 2013 720p BluRay x264-PFa
Links: IMDB -ScreenshotsNFO
Genre: Action, Horror
Director: Kimani Ray Smith
Writer: Aaron Au, Kimani Ray Smith
Cast: Laci J Mailey, Terry Chen, Alain Chanoine, Alyson Bath, Derek Gilroy, Bishop Brigante, Curtis Lum, Sebastian Gacki, David Milchard, Carrie Genzel, Johnson Phan, Anne Marie Corcuera, Doug Abrahams, Fraser Aitcheson, Kristy Dinsmore
Runtime: 1h 29mn
Resolution: 1 280 pixels x 528 pixels
Video: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 5 447 Kbps
Size: 4.36GB

A group of young martial artists infiltrate an underground pit fighting ring where the loser is chopped up and served in a Chinese restaurant.

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Season 2, Episode 5

The Job Lot is set in a busy West Midlands Job Centre, and focuses on the relationships between the people who work there, and the people who don’t work there, or anywhere else for that matter.