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Release Name: Krull 1983 720p BluRay X264-AMIABLE
Links: IMDB -ScreenshotsNFO
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director: Peter Yates
Writer: Stanford Sherman
Cast: Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Francesca Annis, Alun Armstrong, David Battley, Bernard Bresslaw, Liam Neeson, John Welsh, Graham McGrath, Tony Church, Bernard Archard, Belinda Mayne, Dicken Ashworth, Todd Carty
Runtime: 2h 0mn
Resolution: 1 280 pixels x 536 pixels
Video: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 4 963 Kbps
Size: 5.47GB

A prince and a fellowship of companions set out to rescue his bride from a fortress of alien invaders who have arrived on their home planet.

Release Name: I Love Your Moves 2012 720p BluRay x264-iFPD
Links: IMDB -ScreenshotsNFO
Genre: Adventure
Director: Henri Charr
Writer: Henri Charr, Ryan Gray
Cast: Andoni Zorbas, Erika Cortes, Scott Cullen, Michael Swan, Regina Palian, Catherine Lidstone, Sandra Staggs, Adam Findley, Jack Brand, Alim Kouliev, Rob Locke, Kassandra Voyagis, Nicole Zorin, Laura Jayne Blackwell, London Duong
Runtime: 1h 44mn
Resolution: 1 280 pixels x 720 pixels
Video: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 4 484 Kbps
Size: 4.37GB

After moving to America from his home in Russia, Ari, an awkward teen, has trouble making friends and adapting to his new life. But everything changes when he falls in love with Paris, …

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Season 3, Episode 9

“FBI: CRIMINAL PURSUIT” profiles the modern Federal Bureau of Investigation and explores the determination required to solve some of the most mystifying cases of the 21st Century. The challenges range from combating arsonists to tracking down terrorists, and the goal is always to bring the culprits to justice. This series not only showcases the heroes behind high-profile investigations, but the role high-tech investigative techniques play in solving these extraordinary cases.