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Release Name: Wendy and Lucy 2008 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS
Genre: Drama
Director: Kelly Reichardt
Writer: Jonathan Raymond, Jonathan Raymond
Cast: Michelle Williams, Lucy, David Koppell, Max Clement, Sid Shanley, Dave Hubner, Michelle Worthey, Will Oldham, Wally Dalton, Roger D. Faires, Boggs Johnson, Tanya Smith, Michael Brophy, John Robinson, John Breen
Runtime: 1h 20mn
Size: 3.28GB

A woman’s life is derailed en route to a potentially lucrative summer job. When her car breaks down, and her dog is taken to the pound, the thin fabric of her financial situation comes …


Release Group: GCP
Release Name: Jack Vreeswijk Sjunger Vreeswijk SE 2009

Artist: Jack Vreeswijk
Album : Sjunger Vreeswijk
Genre : Folk
Year : 2009
Bitrate : 213 Kbps
Duration : 45 min 5 sec
Size : 68.92MB

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Season 1, Episode 16

Tales of ghosts and supernatural beings haunt the dreams of children and inspire peculiar horror films and books, but what if you found yourself trapped in the middle of your own ghost story? What if your home had been the scene of a terrifying fire 100 years ago? Or your basement had been used for violent and deadly experiments? What if you discovered unexplainable bloody handprints on the walls around your baby’s crib? And what if you didn’t know these things had happened but the animals around you did? Welcome to the eerie world of THE HAUNTED, Animal Planet’s newest original, 10-part series.