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Season 1, Episode 3

Documentary in which more than 100 youngsters aged six to 16 are each given cameras to record their experiences as patients at Newcastle’s Great North Children’s Hospital. Dealing with everything from minor injuries to major surgery and life-threatening illnesses, they film themselves undergoing treatment.

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Season 21, Episode 2

Property experts Phil and Kirsty tour the UK as they try to find the perfect home for a different set of buyers each week.

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Season 1, Episode 10

Filmed at Thornhill Community Academy near Dewsbury, Educating Yorkshire captures every detail of life in the school, from playground hijinks and inspirational lessons to life-changing events. It follows the work of Headteacher Jonny Mitchell to better the chances for all his students and build on successive years of improving exam results.

Located at the heart of a diverse northern community and with a student population that is almost exactly half white-British and half British-Asian, the school offers a fascinating insight into modern school life in the UK. Told with warmth and humour, Educating Yorkshire explores the universally-recognisable themes of teenage life and those all-important pupil-teacher relationships that lie at the heart of everyone’s formative years.