Today is Saturday, 1st November 2014
Release Name: Celebrating Jon Lord Deep Purple And Friends Two Worlds 2014 DOCU 720p MBluRay x264-LOUNGE
Runtime: 1h 3mn
Size: 2.19GB



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Season 4, Episode 6

Tim Allen is back in the most hotly anticipated comedy of the season. You can’t get manlier than Tim. He works for an outdoor sporting goods store, drives a truck, and drinks beer. Unfortunately for Tim, being a guy isn’t where it’s at anymore. Modern day women are bringing their A-game. They’re outperforming men in every area – school, work, and home. Tim is completely secure in his manhood, but he’s about to discover that he’s got some serious competition. Tim’s wife Vanessa is a former stay-at-home-mom who is now a bigwig with a recent promotion to Vice President.